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Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Suspects

The Daleks nearly got the better of David Tennant’s Doctor in ‘The Stolen Earth’ - will they have more luck this time?

Fringe actress Orla Brady is playing Tasha Lem in the episode, described as “someone from the Doctor’s past” - but we don’t yet know if she’s an old friend or foe…

The Cybermen are back and this time they’ve had an upgrade (or, rather, a downgrade): they’re made of wood. And we all know that the sonic screwdriver has a few issues with wood…

Or could the episode’s more traditional Cybermen be responsible?

Matt Smith’s Doctor was first warned about the Silence in his very first episode, ‘The Eleventh Hour’. Nearly four years later, will silence finally fall for his Doctor at their (very creepy) hands?

Talking of creepy hands, the Weeping Angels are also back. Having already seen off his companions Amy and Rory last year in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’, are the lonely assassins on a winning streak?

Last seen in ‘The Wedding of River Song’ being killed by Amy Pond in an alternate universe (so technically she’s still alive somewhere out there), Madame Kovarian certainly has some unfinished business with Matt Smith’s Doctor…

Of course, it might be none of those suspects. After all, who guessed that it’d be Wilf who would knock four times in ‘The End of Time’?

Perhaps it could just be an undercooked Christmas turkey from Clara that sees us bidding adieu to Matt Smith’s mad man in a box…

Or that rabbit which David Tennant’s Doctor had his suspicions about in ‘The Day of the Doctor’?

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